Get faster time-to-market

Do you have your marketing material translated into many languages? Did you know that it can work without manual copy & paste and redundant editing rounds? With our ONTRAM software you can optimize your translation process and gain a competitive advantage.

Time is money

Minimize Your Translation Costs

Do you want to reuse already translated texts and avoid paying for identical translations? By incorporating machine translation, the use of a translation memory and terminology management, your costs remain low and the consistency and quality of your texts stay high.


Keep an Eye on Your Projects

You can’t keep up with all your translation projects? ONTRAM helps you maintain an overview and meet target dates. The reporting module analyzes translation volumes, lead times and costs, which ensures a smooth running of your projects.

Integrated Preview

Use the layout preview without any additional software installation

Do your translators and editors want to check how the translated version looks in the source format? The layout-true live preview in ONTRAM ensures contextual reference and minimizes corrective efforts. This is done directly in the browser - additional DTP programs are not required.

The Agile TMS

The newest language technologies will keep you at the cutting edge

Due to the continually faster expansion into new markets, demands on merchandise trade are constantly changing. ONTRAM helps you cope with this change. From computer-assisted procedures such as translation memory systems and terminology databases to machine translation, with ONTRAM you will use the latest language technologies.

Our Service for You

Analysis, Consulting, Conceptualization, and Service

ONTRAM runs completely online and needs no installation. Our team accompanies you through your processes and works out a tailor-made workflow. Our experienced consultants will analyze which solution is best for you and how to get the most out of your translation process.
Modern translation management
ONTRAM is the leading web-based platform encompassing/supporting the whole life cycle of your translation project. In terms of InDesign catalogues. MS Office documents. Or XML files from CMS or PIM. With ONTRAM you can reuse content, workflow and gain cost control.
Efficient and reliable
ONTRAM saves your time and money. The reason: Our platform adapts to your needs. Your advantages/Your benefit: Text tuning without loss of data or information. Central collaboration without misunderstandings. Translations without copy and paste.
Simple, Flexible, and Fast
ONTRAM is tailored to your needs and easily implemented. That way you can manage your translation projects in short spell – simple and flexible. That is translation management at its best.