ONTRAM Customers

ONTRAM Customers


The agricultural machinery producer CLAAS uses ONTRAM for the global marketing, technical editing and content management for years successfully.
The system is continuously being expanded.

Metabowerke GmbH

At Metabo ONTRAM is implemented for international catalogs and sales materials as well as for the EPIM product information system.


„With ONTRAM, we can create foreign language versions faster, and simultaneously increase the consistency of the texts.“

Nicole Deppe, Projectmanager for CLAAS

K-Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG – Klingel Gruppe

The implementation of ONTRAM in a existing PIM: By using ONTRAM, Klingel Group was able to meet the ambitious timetable for providing both the existing and the continuously-added product data from the PIM. Due to the large savings potential, the company now integrates all areas.
Since 2016 also marketing documents such as InDesign and MS Office formats are translated.


Herbstreith & Fox GmbH

At Herbstreith & Fox ONTRAM provides for a smooth process in translating the TYPO3 based web site.


„We went live with ONTRAM in only three weeks, and now we translate approximately 1.5 million words per month.“

Jochen Maier, IT Manager of the Klingel Group

New Communication

The Kielbased marketing and advertising company New Communication trusts in ONTRAM to manage the translation processes for their client Hobby-Wohnwagenwerk. The focus is on translating the product catalogues into nine different languages.


Plansee Holding AG

The Austrian corporation Plansee Group is engaged in the manufacture of powder metallurgical materials and their further processing into tools and moldings.
Plansee uses ONTRAM for its Typo3 based website.


„Through the use of ONTRAM, we can speed up the coordination process with our customers’ foreign agents. ONTRAM helps us to make the complexity of translations manageable.“

Sören Mohr, Managing Director of New Communication

Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG

In the global acting family-owned company Pöppelmann, a leading manufacturer in the plastics processing industry, ONTRAM supports the production of the translations of marketing and technical documentation.
The focus here is on the production of multilingual TYPO3 Content and InDesign documents.


Raytheon Professional Services (RPS)

Raytheon Professional services deploys ONTRAM for its translations in the eLearning area.


SSI Schäfer

The supplier and manufacturer of storage technology SSI Schaefer, uses the seamless integration and preview option for the content management system TYPO3 with ONTRAM.

Travian Games GmbH

The Munich-based provider of browser-based online games and mobile games, Travian Games, ensures ONTRAM for the smooth running of the translations in over 40 languages.


Wieland Electric GmbH

At Wieland Electric ONTRAM is used in the field of international catalogs as well as the product information system EPIM.