DTP: InDesign

InDesign and ONTRAM

Is this process familiar to you?

  1. Copying from InDesign to Word
  2. Sending an e-mail to the translation office or a freelancer
  3. Copying & pasting the translation back to InDesign
  4. Being frustrated about texts not being appropriate
  5. Generating a PDF
  6. Sending the PDF to correctors
  7. Tediously adapting comments of correctors from PDF to InDesign
  8. Being annoyed that the formatting has changed
  9. Generating another PDF
  10. Repeating this process several times, once for each language...

With ONTRAM, your process becomes effective, easy, and fast. No other Translation Management System offers such an in-depth and reliable connection of Adobe InDesign and translation processes while avoiding the need for exchange formats and manual copy & paste. The live layout preview ensures proper matching between text and visuals, and minimizes correction effort. The output files in the target languages are ready for printing and only need minimal, if any, final artwork.

Read here how the agricultural machinery producer CLAAS creates high-end brochures in 20 languages with minimal effort:

Download the CLAAS Case Study.

Show me the InDesign integration with ONTRAM

“With ONTRAM, we can create foreign language versions faster, and simultaneously increase the consistency of the texts.”
Nicole Deppe
Projectmanager for CLAAS