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Information sheets with detailed information about ONTRAM

Here you can find useful resources about ONTRAM and its features.
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TitelHandout-PDFSummary of content
ONTRAM Overview ONTRAM Overview
ONTRAM's most important features and advantages at a glance.
ONTRAM and InDesign ONTRAM and InDesignLearn about the benefits of using ONTRAM with Adobe InDesign and how the Live Preview assures preservation of context and reduces correction cycles.
ONTRAM and TYPO3 ONTRAM and TYPO3Your company produces multilingual websites with TYPO3? As a completely web-based solution, ONTRAM is the perfect match for a browser-based web-CMS such as TYPO3.
ONTRAM and PIM systems

ONTRAM and PIM Systems

Learn all about the interaction between ONTRAM and product information management systems (PIM).
Improve your time-to-market in product communication and reduce your translation costs.
ONTRAM and CoreMedia

ONTRAM and Core Media

Provide efficient and quality-assured web content. ONTRAM is connected to CoreMedia via web services. Authors can create translation jobs with only a few clicks directly in CoreMedia's editor and initiate translation with ONTRAM.
ONTRAMs Range of Functions

ONTRAM`s Range of Functions

Learn about what's in ONTRAM: Workflows, Online Editor, Offline Translation Kit, user profiles and permissions, support and services, and many more.

More info sheets about ONTRAM are available on request.


  • Information sources and support channels
  • The workings of ONTRAM’s Translation Memory
  • ONTRAM and Terminology
  • Reporting Modul in ONTRAM
  • Technical Foundation for Operating ONTRAM
  • ONTRAM Hosting Options