What is ONTRAM?

What is ONTRAM?

ONTRAM explained in 3 minutes:

ONTRAM is a completely web-based Translation Management System (TMS) which supports you in your production of business translations while removing the biggest impediments of the production line in one go. ONTRAM can be used wherever there is the need of regular translations.

How does ONTRAM work?

No matter which work-flow you are using: with ONTRAM you can automatise the main steps of your translation process.

And that's dead simple:

You just create a translation job in ONTRAM; upload the document to be translated into the system. All texts will be checked for previous translations and automatically transferred into the target language. Now the translators can start with the new additional contents. The final document will receive an authorisation and the translation will be automatically uploaded into the layout of the original document.

Translation Process with ONTRAM


Using ONTRAM will let you get more productive and enables you to establish your marketing materials and thus your products faster into new markets.

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