Layout Preview

Layout Preview at the touch of a button

ONTRAM is offering for all DTP formats e.g. Adobe InDesign, a live pre-view of the text to be translated in the original layout. With a click of a button the translation is displayed in an original document including all the formatting at any time during the translation process.

Your translators do not have to have InDesign installed as the preview is shown directly in the browser as a PDF document.

“Does the text need tweaking? Will the text frame fit? Is the formatting in the correct set-up?”

These questions can be addressed during the translation process, especially without interrupting the system. This minimises annoying and nerve-wracking corrections as the current status of the project is visible at any time for check-ups.

The edition produced in ONTRAM is printable and does not need protracted and cost-intensive final artwork effort.

Layoutvorschau_Ausschnitt_ENFig.: Layout Preview at the touch of a button