More success with ONTRAM and your PIM international

More success with ONTRAM and your PIM international

Whichever PIM you use - Heiler, Informatica, Viamedici, CONTENTSERV, Online Media Net, Novomind iPIM or Stibo STEP - ONTRAM has got the right interface to manage your PIM translations in an easy, quick and competitive manner.
PIM systems manage relevant information in multiple languages and handle them for communication. While the administration and maintenance of multilingual content is a very own feature of a PIM system, the management of the translation process is the domain of a translation management system (TMS). These systems enhance the speed of translations and improve their quality.

Reduce costs

With the use of ONTRAM the mail order company KLiNGEL saved about half a million euros in the first year since the introduction of ONTRAM.

Cooperation of all participants

A concentrated expertise of editors, translators and product managers.

Simple and web-based

Fast, easy and secure online-solution.

Example of ONTRAM and Viamedici EPIM:

Graphic: ONTRAM and Viamedici EPIM