Case Studies

Successful with ONTRAM

Here you can find out how we work for our customers. Available for download Case Studies give a good insight into what our software does.

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CustomerCase StudyOutcome for the Customer
BoschONTRAM and Bosch Case Study

Localisation of print media

The consolidation of all persons involved in the translation and localisation ensures a transparent, high-quality and fast process. Correction loops, which require a lot of time and resources, are no longer necessary and the integrated change management enables a detailed process history.
CLAASCase Studie Global product marketing at CLAAS

Global product marketing

The direct integration of all participants into the process chain and the high level of integration with InDesign makes for more transparency and efficient review processes, and ensures that high-quality, multilingual marketing materials are made available as quickly as possible.Within four months the rollout-team from Andrä AG succeeded in integrating the ONTRAM workflow into the existing processes at CLAAS so that the first brochures could be sent to the printer.

ONTRAM makes Mercedes go faster
Global Business Management

The department responsible for the localisation of Mercedes-Benz websites can carry out cross-sector translation processes with our solution while saving on cost, resources and time. The preparation and post-processing times for translation operations were considerably reduced so that the information could be made available to the international target markets much faster.
KlingelONTRAM at Klingel Group - Fast Implementation of Efficient Translation Management in the Mail Order Business

Fast Implementation of Efficient Translation Management in the Mail Order Business

By using ONTRAM, Klingel Group was able to meet the ambitious timetable for providing both the existing and the continuously-added product data from the PIM. Additionally, ONTRAM’s reporting capabilities have made the translation process transparent in one fell swoop and give all parties a permanent overview of the current state of a translation. The implementation of ONTRAM was possible with minimal demands on the IT resources of the customer and could therefore be made without affecting other projects. The „return on investment“ period lies far below one year.
Metabo International Catalogs - Translation and Review Processes

International Catalogs - Translation and Review Processes

ONTRAM soon returned the customer‘s investment. Metabo benefits from the following advantages:

  • More efficient cooperation between Metabo headquarters and country subsidiaries
  • Exchange of contents across platforms
  • Access to data and workflow information in real time
  • High transparency, optimum coordination processes, fast adaptation to market conditions
  • Avoidance of correction loops through the layout preview
  • Consistent use of specialized terms through the terminology function
  • Fast integration of new markets through the web-based approach
  • Savings in catalog production and translation costs
New CommunicationCase Study New Communication and ONTRAM

New Communication uses ONTRAM’S On Demand Model

TMS on Demand: New Communication uses ONTRAM’s On Demand Model for Producing International Catalogs

ONTRAM’s fast implementation, the integration of all parties involved in the process, avoidance of unnecessary corrections, and the use of the ONTRAM layout preview, gave NC a new transparent, fast and cost-saving translation process.