Your benefits

Your benefits by using ONTRAM

The use of translation memory without translation management is often time-consuming and costly in relation to the workflow during the translation process.
Particularely in up- and downstream activities such as job creation, proofreading or approvals, costs can be reduced sustainably. Furthermore additional translation costs occurring through external translators and freelancers can be decreased.
Translation processes are noticibly more manageable, leaner and much more efficient when a special Translation Management Systems (TMS) is in use.

The ONTRAM TMS provides a variety of features and options that allow savings up to 60 percent.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • No more communication expenditures
  • Acceleration of translation processes with a simultanious quality improvement
  • Constant performance growth through optimising processes, centralisation, automatisation and customising
  • Re-usability of translations
  • Latest translation technologies as machine translation, translation memory, terminology browser
  • Format-indipendent and web based

Additional Features:

  • Extensive reporting functions
  • Live preview: check your current translations live at any time with layout retention and including all formattings
  • Individual quality checks
  • Flexibile scalebility for all company sizes or any number of users
  • Allocation of target dates and reminder functions
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