The most common questions about purchasing a Translation Management System (TMS) like ONTRAM

The market for translation management systems is often confusing and constantly in motion. The decision to purchase a new system or to change an existing one is therefore not an easy one. How can one recognize what the right system is for one's own processes? In other words, what does a good TMS have to do?

I am already working with a translation agency, is it still possible to buy a TMS?

ONTRAM is an intuitive system that can be learned quickly and can be integrated into existing processes. We pride ourselves in conducting every rollout professionally and maintaining excellent support that will be at your side even after the introduction of ONTRAM. We’ll be there to advise on your processes and help with any questions. With the introduction of a TMS, you gain a much more flexible process design and greater independence while at the same time decreasing translation costs.

Do you also provide your own translators?

No, we are a software company, not a language service provider. Of course, we do work closely with translation agencies because their translators provide valuable input and feedback on our tool every day, helping us continually improve our product.

What are actual advantages of a TMS? My manual process works just fine.

A professional translation management system takes translation to a new level. One of the major advantages is the translation memory engine, a translation repository. This repository "remembers" every translation that has been made, and as soon as the stored text reappears in the same way or in a similar form, it is automatically suggested again. In our experience, no process runs as smoothly and cost-effectively as using a professional solution.

What do I save if I buy my own translation software? Aren’t those extra costs?

ONTRAM considers your company size. The savings potential after one year is many times higher than the incurred costs. Once translated, texts never need to be translated again thanks to the Translation Memory System. Correction loops or cumbersome discussions via e-mail are completely eliminated, since all process participants work with one system: ONTRAM.

What amount of translations makes Translation Management System worthwhile?

A translation management system like ONTRAM pays off for any company that translates on a regular basis, be it the website, articles on its web shop, annual marketing material, or information on new products. ONTRAM has a modular structure and is easy to set up for every need. Thus, even small companies can profit quickly from the advantages of a TMS; medium or large and international companies should not go without professional translation management.

How long does such a system introduction take, and is it costly?

We know how much time and effort the introduction of a new system can take. That's why we've designed the ONTRAM roll-out in a way that you can be productive in just a few days, provided all stakeholders are engaged. You can benefit from the advantages of the new system in a very short time: ONTRAM saves you money and gives you peace of mind from the first minute.

What does machine translation mean? Does that work without any human translators?

ONTRAM has integrated all the leading suppliers of machine translation systems. This does not mean that translators are no longer needed. The text is pre-translated by a machine and the translator then takes on the role of the final editor, changing terms and phrases where appropriate. Today’s high quality of machine translation results in much less effort for many texts.

Do I have to have my data in a special format?

For ONTRAM file formats do not matter. Whether an InDesign document, Office files or XML data, ONTRAM has the right text filter for every popular format. And if we don’t, then we build it. With ONTRAM, you'll never again need to use annoying exchange formats or convert files.

Can I also view my translations in the original layout?

Yes, for most file formats, you can preview the translated text in the original layout. This makes it easy to detect text overflows or text frame problems. The translations no longer need to be processed separately from their source format but can always be viewed in the original layout.

These are some of the most common questions that have come up in recent years. If you have further questions or would like more detail: Your ONTRAM customer agent will be happy to help!