Digitization in e-commerce – professional localization of web shops

Due to digitization, e-commerce and online distribution is an ever-expanding, fast-growing industry. It is not surprising that even stores that were previously restricted to the retail trade will, in the future, sell their goods also online.

High-quality e-commerce must mirror the offline world. In the next few years, the Digital Natives will grow into their most affluent stage in life. The ability of a company to adapt to ever-changing demands of buyers is no longer the finishing touch, but a must-have to not be overtaken by the competition.
In the international market, it is not enough to provide multilingual brochures or websites. Companies that sell their products in web shops also face the challenge to offer the products in the language of the potential buyer. They need to adapt as well as possible to the target market, considering cultural particularities or different preferences.

Various studies have concluded that professionally translated content has a positive effect on the purchasing decision. Web shops that are not translated tend to poll negatively in this context.