Internationalization with ONTRAM

Internationalization: short time-to-market thanks to ONTRAM

Are you targeting new markets, but are still doing unnecessary work on your translation process?

Gain a competitive advantage!

The translation management system (TMS) ONTRAM supports you quickly and successfully in the internationalization of your websites, product information and image brochures, or in eCommerce. The use of ONTRAM is recommended wherever content needs to be regularly translated. Even if existing processes and systems already support multilingualism, it is often useful to outsource translation and reconciliation processes to a professional translation system.

With ONTRAM, no installation is necessary. ONTRAM is completely browser-based. For our customers, this makes the software a secure investment, scalable and interface-independent.

Translation process with ONTRAM: Get translations done in 4 easy steps


Integration with third-party applications

ONTRAM has been designed as a highly flexible application, allowing for customization and providing a high degree of interoperability with third-party applications.

The list of connected tools is long. We developed more than 100 filters for a variety of file formats: DTP formats such as InDesign, the entire Office suite, XML, HTML and many more.
Content management systems (CMS), e-learning tools, databases, PIM and ERP systems manage large amounts of text. ONTRAM's open API allows the integration of those into an efficient translation process.

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