The Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer CLAAS is Much More Productive With ONTRAM

As one of the world’s leading agricultural machinery manufacturers, with a wide range of products and over 9000 employees, CLAAS is facing the challenge to translate and adapt large numbers of marketing brochures into different languages.

To cope with the variety of different markets, with different requirements and 30 different languages, since 2009, CLAAS has relied on the translation management system ONTRAM.
While the process previously included complicated correction loops and laborious communication, with ONTRAM, the coordination processes were streamlined through direct involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

Simplifying Complicated Processes

Since its implementation at CLAAS, ONTRAM more than doubled its output of brochures. In 2009, when ONTRAM was implemented, just under 500 language versions (brochures and presentations) were created with the Translation Management System (TMS). In the business year 2013/2014, the number of language versions increased to 786. In the following year, the number of brochures and presentations increased by almost 70% to a total of 1,317.

To complicate matters further, a far-reaching change in the specific emission standards for agricultural machinery was introduced in the year 2013/2014. The necessary classification into different emission classes required an adjustment of many brochures, and a process for the new markets had to be defined, or already implemented processes had to be changed. Without a professional TMS solution, a seamless, smooth change would not have been possible. With ONTRAM, the requirements were implemented efficiently, with an increase of almost 50% in created master pages.

Increasing productivity and user satisfaction

Efficiency and user satisfaction increased steadily. An internal survey at CLAAS with its responsible translators produced very positive results:

“ONTRAM works well and is reliable. In comparison to TM in retail, this is a very good solution for working on catalogues”

(J. Dutfoy Wieser, Certified Translator)

“Overall, it is pleasant to work with ONTRAM … the TM is great. Previously, I had to research the PDFs of previous translations which took a lot of time. Fortunately, with the TM this is much faster”

(C. Cordier, Translator)


Introducing the Translation Management System ONTRAM enabled CLAAS to design its translation processes more easily and more efficiently. Increased project oversight and effective coordination processes mean faster and more flexible actions to future challenges.