ONTRAM’s New Look

The new corporate design of Andrä AG includes ONTRAM’s web site, brochures, and software user interface.

With the new logo, and the call “hello world“, ONTRAM greets the world and enters further into international markets.
The two- speech bubbles superimposed on each other in the new logo form the leading letter "o" of the ONTRAM brand and symbolize language and dialogue. The vibrant colors, combined with the dynamic, new graphics better represent what ONTRAM is all about: opening doors to the international markets for bold and energetic export-oriented companies.

ONTRAM speech bubbles

Our ONTRAM website is characterized by a fresh and modern page layout. Contemporary, responsive design and a clear navigation structure provide more clarity. To complete our new brand identity, the design team of New Communication and ONTRAM has also reworked the software interface of ONTRAM: New icons, animations, and fresh colors support the usability of ONTRAM.
"Our visitors will see a fresher look throughout print, web, and ONTRAM user interfaces," said Michael Csorba, Head of Sales of Andrä AG. "Through recurring items such as the speech bubble, customers and prospects can now quickly recognize important information. The flexibility and adaptability of our translation management solution, ONTRAM, is now also reflected visibly in our corporate design."