The new Project Platform

The new project platform now allows external agencies or other departments to create translation jobs in ONTRAM, regardless of administrative privileges. The respective person in charge has the same input mask in ONTRAM as the customer and can upload files and verify the Check Data. Depending on the needs of the customer, it is now possible to include, for example, key account managers or external graphic artists, without having to be hardwired in the workflow.

Separate Workflow

The process takes place before the actual ONTRAM workflow. It is possible to specify the metadata of the job, such as job title, target languages and dates for completion. ONTRAM automatically records the client information. Optionally, you can enter information about the data creator as well as cost centers and comments.

After the job has passed through the respective ONTRAM workflow, the client can export the final data of the target languages via the project platform without being part of the workflow itself.

ONTRAM Project Platform nun in ONTRAM integriert