Monthly Archives: May 2014

Process Multilingual InDesign documents with ONTRAM

The new ONTRAM InDesign Multilingual CS6 Connector allows for creating translation jobs for InDesign CS6 documents that contain multiple languages in one single document. Therefore we developed a specialized ONTRAM filter profile that allows users to export several target languages into the same print-ready InDesign document.
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Configurable keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard commands have been enhanced in ONTRAM. For example, users can open the concordance search with the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + H. By pressing CTRL + SHIFT+ O, it is now possible to jump into the page number input field to directly navigate to the desired page. In addition, user-specific keyboard shortcuts can be…
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Quick Filter: Optimized Search in ONTRAM

A quick-search filter allows ONTRAM users to find certain jobs more quickly. Furthermore search results are now displayed more clearly. Choose from several search filters to easily enter search terms and then navigate to the relevant jobs. Only search results that match every condition are shown, and the specific search term gets highlighted.
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