Small Teams

ONTRAM for small teams: full flexibility

ONTRAM now offers the advantages of a TM system also to small teams. The Small Teams edition is uncomplicated, flexible and scalable. Benefit from the advantages of a TMS system such as translation memory, machine translation, live preview and quality checks as a complete SaaS solution without the need of a large investment. Monthly terminable, no hidden costs. Select the plan that suits your needs best from the options below.

Still not sure? No need to worry about that. Describe your situation in the contact form and we will assist you in your selection process.


69 per month plus VAT

You are part of a small team struggling to meet target dates with the need to work together transparently? You need an easy-to-use interface to translate your files as fast as possible?

The files should keep their layout and copy&paste should be reduced to a minimum?

You want to get rid of your Excel files and the pile of e-mails needed to handle the translations?

Oh yes, this plan is just right for you!

  • MS Office filter with preview (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx)
  • Online editor with preview function
  • Predefined workflow
  • Translation memory
  • E-mail notifications
  • Pre-translation with neural machine translation by Google Translate (max. 1 million characters per month)

There are no costs during the 7-day trial period

Recommended team size 1-5 users (min. 1 user)
Starting from 69 € per month and user
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ADVANCED Our recommendation

89 per month plus VAT

You are part of a medium-sized team and the demands on translations are increasing? The processes are becoming more complex and you work together with external service providers? You have several file formats and target markets?

Do you urgently need a tool that reduces complexity to be able to master the overall process?

This plan will make you happy!

  • Contains all the features of the BASIC package and additionally:
  • Use your own Terminology
  • Import your own Translation Memory
  • Further collaboration functions (author corrections, suggested changes, etc.)
  • Offline translation via XLIFF or Word
  • Translation of native InDesign files (*.indd)
  • Integration of external service providers as corporate users possible
  • Pre-translation with neural machine translation by Google Translate (max. 2 million characters per month)

There are no costs during the 7-day trial period

Recommended team size 6-11 users (min. 1 user)
Starting from 89 € per month and user
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2500 per month plus VAT

All user accounts included!

You are part of a large team with complex requirements and work together with a large number of external service providers? Do you need advanced project management tools and an application that gives you just the right overview needed for a team of this size?

Then you should take a closer look at the features of this plan. They will solve your issues!

  • Contains all the features of the ADVANCED package and additionally:
  • Individual workflows
  • Workgroups
  • Individually configurable quality checks
  • Terminology management
  • Accounting features
  • Business intelligence
  • Additional file type integrations
  • Translation memory management
  • API
  • various machine translation providers possible: Microsoft Translator Hub, Google Translate, Systran, DeepL (*)
Recommended team size 11-50 users (min. 11 users)
Starting from 2,500 € per month


Prices on request

Do you have more than 50 potential users and special requirements such as an SLA or on-premise hosting? You want to optimize and manage the entire translation process of your company?

Then our team can help you.

  • Individual consulting and customized service level agreements
  • On-premise hosting possible
  • License purchase possible
  • Custom workflows
  • Business intelligence modules
  • Project and resource management
  • Individuelle Filter
  • integration of
    existing tools e.g. CMS and PIM systems
  • Premium API
  • Custom development of solutions for your company
Recommended team size 50+
Price on request
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* separate account required by the respective provider
Modern translation management
ONTRAM is the leading web-based platform for your translation management. Including reusable content, workflow and cost control. From the InDesign catalog to MS Office documents to XML files from CMS and PIM.
Efficient and reliable
With ONTRAM you save time and money. The reason: Our platform adapts to your needs. Your benefits: text reconciliation without data and information loss. Central cooperation without misunderstandings.
Simple, flexible and fast
ONTRAM is tailor made and implemented quickly. This makes your translations easy and flexible in the shortest possible time. That's translation management in a nutshell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to switch between the plans if my needs change at short notice?

Yes, it is no problem to adapt the plan monthly to the respective need.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

You can cancel your plan on a monthly basis. There is no fixed term and you can of course use the already paid month to full extent.

Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?

Yes, that's perfectly possible.

Do I have to pay more than once for multiple use of a service?

No, the prices are fixed and offer the full range as it is described. There are also no additional costs for several orders or services.

Can I also translate other/not listed file formats? Or do I have to take a detour and use an exchange format?

We support almost any format. If the file format is not listed in the package, then simply use the contact form. We offer you a convenient solution!

What happens to my translations? Are they safe with you? Who is holding the rights?

We meet industry-standard security standards. The translations are yours. The translations can be exported in TMX format and used elsewhere at any time.

Can I re-use my translations as often as I want?

Of course, it's your translations, you can do whatever you want with them.

Our offer is aimed exclusively at commercial customers. All prices net plus VAT.