Integration of Google Neural MT into ONTRAM

At ONTRAM we strongly emphasize the integration of machine translation systems.
Beside the main statistical MT solutions, ONTRAM now also supports Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) which was introduced in November 2016 and is the engine for Google's translation API. The integration lets you benefit from the language pairs available for GNMT. Of course you can also use the regular features of Google Translate API without neural results. This helps to reduce the costs and efforts for each translation process while simultaneously improving it.

Planned Kantan MT connectivity

A partnership between Kantan MT and ONTRAM is also planned. Kantan MT is one of the leading, cloud-based solutions for statistical machine translation. It is particularly notable for its speed, easy integration and the included analysis tools. Statistical machine translation, as the name implies, mainly uses statistical methods for the translation of texts. It arranges source and target language on the basis of frequency and proximity to one another which often creates results similar to natural language.