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Live preview for MS Word and PowerPoint

For DTP formats like Adobe InDesign, ONTRAM has been offering a live preview of translations for a long time. Now this is also possible for MS Office documents. In the left corner of the navigation in the online editor, each document page is displayed with a thumbnail. A live preview is generated by clicking on…
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ONTRAM Integrates DeepL

In August 2017, the Cologne-based company DeepL, formerly Linguee, introduced its machine translation solution, DeepL Translator. Thanks to a special interface, DeepL is now integrated in ONTRAM and can be used by every ONTRAM client. If the client wants support of machine translation, DeepL can pre-translate for translators to view and use within the ONTRAM…
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New Partial Memory Matching

ONTRAM now also makes translation suggestions for texts that only match in sections. If more than 25% of the text to be translated already exists in a TM segment and is at least 40 characters long, the text is identified as “known” and is proposed to the user. Accordingly, ONTRAM now makes correct suggestions for…
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The new Project Platform

The new project platform now allows external agencies or other departments to create translation jobs in ONTRAM, regardless of administrative privileges. The respective person in charge has the same input mask in ONTRAM as the customer and can upload files and verify the Check Data. Depending on the needs of the customer, it is now…
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