Are you using Machine Translation successfully for your translation process?

Actually there is a great deal to find out about artificial intelligence and machines that are able to learn. It is an area which currently is enjoying enormous progress. Some major successes have been achieved, especially regarding MT (short for machine translation) and now a lot of professional Translation Management Systems are offering various MT options. What does this mean for your translation process? Aren’t there some possibilities to profit and take advantage of these new technologies?

There are! And not just since yesterday.

At ONTRAM we already count on machine translation systems. You can use the progressive language technology additionally to our memory system and our terminology administration.

When creating a new job the not yet translated text parts are automatically sent to the MT Engine after they have been assigned by the memory system. Then they will be translated from the machine and marked with MT in ONTRAM. These texts are now visible in the Post-Editing by the translator who can now correct and can adopt them if necessary. After finishing the translations the final texts are sent back to the MT-Engine which learns with every translation and can therefore deliver higher quality results. This enables the machine to reduce the translation process each time whilst simultaneously improving it.

Ask us for information and advice about how the integration of an MT-Engine will give you best results in your translation workflow.

You are already using an MT-Engine? Even better! Talk to us. We are always happy to help you with an uncomplicated integration.

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