ONTRAM Integrates DeepL

In August 2017, the Cologne-based company DeepL, formerly Linguee, introduced its machine translation solution, DeepL Translator. Thanks to a special interface, DeepL is now integrated in ONTRAM and can be used by every ONTRAM client. If the client wants support of machine translation, DeepL can pre-translate for translators to view and use within the ONTRAM online editor. The pre-translated jobs only need to be corrected where necessary.

The difference from other MT engines, such as the Google solution GNMT (Google Neural Machine Translation), is the method of learning. While Google relies on recurrent neural networks, DeepL works with "Convolutional Neural Networks" whereby several words are processed in parallel. This makes DeepL faster than other neural networks. At the same time, DeepL examines the meaning of a word or sentence on several levels, allowing better contextual reference.

Machine translation integrates well with ONTRAM's efficient and effective process, resulting in significantly faster translations. The cost saving of this leaner, accelerated process allows for investments in new projects or additional languages that can gain a competitive advantage - fast time-to-market, thanks to an optimal combination of MT and TMS.
Your ONTRAM account manager will be pleased to advise you on all matters relating to the use of DeepL in ONTRAM TMS.